A General View of Industry 4.0 Revolution From Cybersecurity Perspective

Keywords: industry 4.0, cybersecurity, e-government, IoT, Smart cities


The broad network and high-level data sharing that comes with Industry 4.0 will rapidly increase the companies' cyber security demands. Therefore, large corporations need a risk management system and security strategy tailored to cigarette safety and is committed to improving operational safety and protection so that their operations and earnings are not adversely affected. In order to protect products, data and intellectual property against unauthorized and unauthorized persons, companies must absolutely take cyber security measures and continuously improve existing security systems to comply with Industry 4.0.This paper aims to address which type of problems enterprises should handle against cyber-attacks and illustrate how governments take precaution and refer this issue at their policy documents in the era of industry 4.0. The digitalization of production has paved the way for an ever increasing existence of concepts such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, 3-D Printing, Augmented Reality, and Internet of Things in production. With the emergence of these concepts, the need for cyber security is also becoming crucial. This paper underlines many issues by comparing modern history of ICSs and future smart factories. Some problems also addressed with case studies.


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