Knowledge Mining Approach For Healthy Monitoring From Pregnancy Data With Big Volumes

  • Yunus Santur
  • Sinem Güven Santur
Keywords: Data Mining, Knowledge Mining, Healthy Monitoring, Classification, Clustering


The process for obtaining information that will create value on a large-scale data stack is called data mining by its general name. Data mining is commonly used in sales and marketing departments, in determining strategies and making critical decisions for the future in many sectors. Similarly, data mining is used in the determination of health policies, more effective implementation of health services and in the management of resources and institutions in the health sector. In this study, it was aimed to create a software architecture of data mining that will help the personal monitoring of the pregnancy process in a more effective way in the health sector. Many different types of data such as age, gender, location, education, physical characteristics, lifestyle habits and medical history of the people that could be used for this purpose are stored online by health institutions. The machine learning algorithms have been created to determine classification, clustering and association rule on these data. 


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