Separation of Wheat Seeds from Junk in a Dynamic System Using Morphological Properties

Keywords: Blob Analysis, Feature Extraction, Image Processing, Junk, Morphological Properties, Segmentation, Wheat Seed


Wheat is the main food source of the humankind. After its harvest, it goes through many procedures from its separation from chaff to its packaging. With the development in technology, many of these procedures are realized with automatic systems which saves the manufacturer the cost of labour, time and provides the customer with more quality food. One of the main concerns of quality food production is to provide a customer with the product in its purest form which means the product must be separated from all foreign matters. In this study, type-1252 durum wheat seeds have been separated from junk using the morphological properties of wheat seeds through the uncompressed video image taken with the camera Prosilica GT2000c. The main references for the quality measurement of wheat seeds are the shape and the dimensions of a wheat seed. Aiming for high quality wheat grain storage with no junk, this article has adopted various image processing techniques from image preprocessing to feature extraction. The image processing has been realized in a computer environment and the results show that the image processing is successful and the detection of wheat seeds from junk was accurate.


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