Biogeography-Based Optimization Algorithm for Designing of Planar Steel Frames

Keywords: Planar Steel Frames, Optimum Design, Stochastic Search Techniques, Biogeography-Based Optimization, Metaheuristics


The optimization can be defined as a solution of problem under specific conditions to achieve a specific purpose. Optimization strategies commonly used for solving of various problems and have gained great importance in recent years especially in engineering.  Evolving optimization methods over the years has many varieties such as shape optimization, topology optimization, size optimization etc. The latest trend of optimization methods is metaheuristics which are more useful with easy applicable to complex problems regarding to traditional optimization methods. So that metaheuristics have supplanted the traditional methods particularly in engineering by the time. In this study, a planar steel frame which is designed according to the requirements comprised by AISC-LRFD (American Institute of Steel Construction-Load and Resistance Factor Design) has been optimized by aid of biogeography-based optimization (BBO) algorithm.


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