Optimizing Methods of Funding Residential Complexes Projects


  • Alaa S. Khamees Department of Civil Engineering Baghdad University. Iraq
  • Meervat R. Altaay Department of Civil Engineering Baghdad University, Iraq


finance methods, residential complexes projects, Optimizing Methods


Residential complexes suffers from a series of complex problems that make the progress of projects difficult either in new projects or in the rehabilitation of existing projects. The Residential complexes problem, especially in developing countries, including Iraq, faces many challenges. Perhaps the most difficult problem is the problem of financing, since financing is an essential element in the completion of projects he Iraqi government, whether locally or globally, has faced a severe shortage of financing due to financial crises and security conditions, which has resulted in incomplete projects. Because of the financial crisis that Iraq went through, which led to the suspension of many residential complexes projects and the difficulty of returning work to them through the use of public financing methods therefore the researcher study the private financing (Public-Private partnership) methods instead of public financing method in residential complexes projects by the optimization models that will be used on two stages , the first stage by maximize the number of the projects turn into investment and the second stage by selecting the optimal financing method for the investment project by using PSO , GSA and GA algorithms.


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