Petal Spider-Ant Routing (PSAR) Protocol based Proactive Energy Aware Stabilized Path Routing scheme for Improving MANET Network


  • S. Priya Research Scholar, Dept of computer science
  • P. Suganthi Head and Associate Proffessor, Dept of Computer Science


MANET routing protocols, Petal Spider-Ant Routing, Energy aware routing, life time improvement, cluster Head, Drop tail Queuing


The MANET is big communication dynamic network environment contain large number of collective nodes to perform data communication. Most of the routing based approach would select the longer route which increases the latency and reduces the throughput performance which leads degradation in MANET. However, all the methods suffer with poor performance in all the QoS parameters like energy, link stability, life time etc. To resolve this problem we propose a Petal Spider-Ant Routing (PSAR) Protocol based Proactive Energy Aware Stabilized Path Routing (PEASPR) scheme for Improving MANET Network. Initially this route optimization analyze the Node Behavioral representation in the cooperative communication based on Neighbor discovery which get information from Route Table (RT). The Time Stamp Duty Cycle (TSDC) analyze energy level of each node on the routing path by relevance transmission support weight (CH-RTSW). With the support of RSTW-Link stability is performed based on route cluster propagation using Droptail Queue Management (DQM).Then PSAR creates a spider-ant cluster routing path by forward the data packets to the cooperative relay medium. This fins the nearest node get optimized energy condition to transmit the data with increased link stability. The method performs route selection and performs data transmission aw well in low redundancy form of traffic mitigation.  The proposed methods reduce congestion to enhance route selection performance and improved the QoS performance.


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Process of Petal Spider-Ant Routing (PSAR)




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