Cloud Networking based Patient Risk Detection Monitoring System



Cloud, Database, Biometric information, IOT Sensor, Home based medical beds, Patient monitoring


Recent increase in elder population due to seriously low birth rate and development of medical technology, aging rate in Korea is rapidly accelerating. A sudden increase in the elderly population result in problems such as medical finance burden and lack of medical beds, such as medical insurance deficit. In order to prepare for this situation, this paper proposes a cloud based patient information monitoring system for home-based medical beds. Arduino is used to implement the model, and heart rate, temperature, and humidity information from sensors is stored in a cloud server-based, firebase database in real time to send a notification alarms from smartphone app in case of danger. Cloud-based services will enable ‘home-based medical beds’, and can also be used to monitor patients in nursing hospitals or clinics without ability to build and maintain pirvate servers.


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Cloud-based Patient Monitoring System Diagram




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