Analysis of Knell Changes in Scanning to Echo Generation in RFID-based Near-Range Area


  • Jeong-lae Kim Department of Biomedical Engineering, Eulji University, Seongnam, Korea
  • Hyeok Song Department of Medical Engineering, Chamber, Korea


Echoed-sensing level, echoed-sensing imagery, knell sensing system, knell-blasting


The echoed changing-status technique is to be gauge the corresponding-angles knell-blasting status of the blinding-space sensing level (BSSL) on the echoed-sensing imagery. The using signal on their communication system is accede to the wireless element condition of the input values by the adjacent condition. The echoed changing-status communication is to be toward a composition capacity from wireless RFID of the tracking signal. The sensing echoed-sensing imagery system (Ec-sis) is organized with RFID code of knell-blasting system. Create out a blinding plane-dot find echoed value with plane-dot of knell reorganize from adapted signal. Sensing level is organized to refer blinding-space changing-status signal RFID code by the echoed blasting imagery. Further symbolizing a corresponding-angles changing-status of the BSSL of minimum on knell-blasting imagery, echoed plane-dot blasting was changing-status echoed value Ec-si-FA-ξMIN with 7.43±1.35 units, was changing-status echoed value of the Ec-si-CO-ξMIN with 4.58±0.32 units, was changing-status echoed value Ec-si-FL-ξMIN with 1.39±0.28 units, was changing-status echoed value Ec-si-VI-ξMIN with 0.26±0.41 units. Knell-blasting is check up on the corresponding-angles of knell-blasting imagery, to show the RFID code with plane-dot by the echoed-sensing level. BSSL is to furnish the blinding-space imagery by the sensing level system. We will be possible to curb of the imagery by the space signal of the RFID area, and to furnish echoed data using knell-level of knell sensing system.


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Structure of point boom variation of the point on the RFID-signal




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J.- lae . Kim and H. . Song, “Analysis of Knell Changes in Scanning to Echo Generation in RFID-based Near-Range Area ”, Int J Intell Syst Appl Eng, vol. 10, no. 1s, pp. 130 –, Oct. 2022.

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