Development of Cloud Network-Based Multi-Port Electric Vehicle Charging Protocol and System


  • Jae-Hee Lee
  • Chang-Jin Seo


Electric Car, Charging System, Multi-Port Charger, PL Networks, Cloud


Background/Objectives: The present study aims to develop a multi-port electric vehicle charging protocol and system based on a cloud network in one power grid.
Methods/Statistical analysis: The proposed system is designed through the hardware and software, which are part of the electric vehicle charger based on the IoT (internet of things) technology. The proposed system is implemented, manufactured, and tested on an actual charging environment to verify its performance, the real-time power-control technology realization software of the server, and the charger monitoring system software.
Findings: We could know our system has more efficiency and economics at the installation cost and user convenience in the experiment than the existing charging system. A plan to efficiently manage multiple chargers connected within the same power grid to reduce the charging station installation building's introductory electricity rate is proposed by more than 55 percent.
Improvements: The results are shown through system development and performance verification experiments. The proposed system is expected to contribute to the extension of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.


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