Tourism Information Multi-domain Dialogue State Tracking Datasets for Smart Tourism Chatbot



Dialogue State Tracking, Smart Tourism Chatbot, Task-oriented Dialog System


The smart tourism service provides tourism information and recommended travel products so that tourists can create a personalized travel itinerary before travel and provides a tour guide service according to the travel itinerary during travel. To efficiently provide smart tourism services to tourists, it is necessary to develop a chatbot system as well as a smart tourism web/app. The smart tourism chatbot system consists of tourism information Named Entity Recognition (NER), Dialogue State Tracking (DST), and Question and Answering (QA) models. In this paper, we develop the tourism information multi-domain DST datasets to provide chatbot services using the tourism information knowledge base of the smart tourism information system implemented with Neo4J DB. The developed tourism information multi-domain DST datasets consist of 5 domains and 22 slots. The joint goal accuracy of the SOM-DST model [8] using the developed tourism information multi-domain DST dataset is 0.622.


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The proposedsmart tourismsystemthat provides chatbot services using the tourism information knowledge base




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