Fixed Point of Mappings in Ĝ–Dualistic Partial Metric Space Endowed with a Graph


  • Neeraj Kumar Department of Mathematics, M.D.U, Rohtak, 124001,(HR), India
  • Seema Mehra Department of Mathematics, M.D.U, Rohtak, 124001, (HR), India


Ĝ - Dualistic partial metric space, Ĝ -CCP, Fixed point, Graph.


This paper aims is to find out the fixed points for two mappings in Ĝ - dualistic partial metric space with the help of graph by using Ĝ - Convergence Comparison Property (Ĝ - CCP). An application is also given to find fixed point with the help of boundary value problem.


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Graph of a fixed point of A and B




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