Secure Multiverse Optimization based Dynamic Routing Approach for Intelligent Transportation System in Smart Cities



packet delivery ratio (PDR), Data transmission rate (DTR), packet drop ratio (PDR), throughput, MVO, Dynamic hybrid optimization routing algorithm


VANETs, a subset of Ad Hoc Networks, have become an exciting new research area. Improving road safety and reducing accident rates are two primary objectives. Deliveries of messages may be susceptible to modest delays and overhead due to the absence of a centralized governing authority, the mobility and topological changeability of the network's nodes, and the complexity of the routing mechanism. Due to the complexity of the routing process and the urgency with which data packets must be sent due to the dynamic nature of the network, it takes a considerable amount of time to complete. Although there are several well-established routing protocols in use in VANETs, these protocols are not always a suitable solution to routing issues. Significant impacts of routing may be seen in DTR, PDR, PD Ratio, APD, and throughput. Previous research suggests a Hybrid dynamic and optimized routing approach (HDORA) employing the DTR, PDR, and PD Ratio to address these issues and improve IP performance in VANETs. The proposed study takes a hybrid optimization strategy to the introduction of a better model. With a series of head-to-head contrasts, we show how ACO, DORA, HDORA, and MHDORA do against one another. Smart city transportation requires sophisticated methods for categorizing and directing traffic. This model integrates techniques for categorization of data for security and optimization to determine the optimal path, which will be crucial for transit in smart cities.


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Vehicle Ad Hoc Network (VANET)




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