Smart Cradle for Baby Monitoring


  • S. Srividhya BNM Institute of Technology, Karnataka, India
  • Manasa S. BNM Institute of Technology, Karnataka, India
  • Mrudula A. M. BNM Institute of Technology, Karnataka, India


Cloud, Cradle, Remote Video Monitoring, Smartphone


The concept of an automated infant carer room is put forth in this project. The primary goal of this concept is to help parents who are extremely busy save time and energy. These days, working people are highly busy. Parents do not have enough time to provide their infants with the care they need. The entire space is therefore configured such that it can detect the baby’s activity and function as needed. As they don’t have to go and check on their baby frequently till they receive no information regarding the baby, parents may save time and energy. Using sensors and a microcontroller, this scenario’s notion is realized. The microprocessor’s sensors sense the environment in the room and keep tabs on the baby’s behaviour. It functions according to the conditions we place on it. The user will be informed of the baby’s status and have access to all data.


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