An Intelligent Hybrid Energy Systems for Irrigation : A Review of Environmental Impacts, Technical and Economic Feasibility


  • Hicham Mhamdi Laboratory of Electronic Systems, Information Processing, Mechanics and Energetics, Faculty of Sciences Kenitra, University Ibn Tofail Kenitra, Kenitra, Morocco
  • Omar Kerrou Laboratory of Electronic Systems, Information Processing, Mechanics and Energetics, Faculty of Sciences Kenitra, University Ibn Tofail Kenitra, Kenitra, Morocco
  • Mohammed Aggour Laboratory of Electronic Systems, Information Processing, Mechanics and Energetics, Faculty of Sciences Kenitra, University Ibn Tofail Kenitra, Kenitra, Morocco


Renewable energy, Conventional energy, diesel generator, wind turbine, photovoltaic, Battery, Cost of Energy, Net Positive Cost


This study examines the utilization of Hybrid Energy Systems that combine renewable sources, such as photovoltaic and wind, with conventional source, such diesel and battery technologies, in order to address power supply challenges in a comprehensive manner. The focus of this investigation is on the application of these systems in general and in the context of irrigation in particular. The present study investigates a wide range of recent scientific articles and studies. The current research highlights the technical, environmental, and economic benefits of hybrid energy systems. The analysis of these criteria has shown that hybrid energy systems demonstrate more powerful cost-efficiency in comparison to both diesel only systems and systems reliant solely on a single renewable energy source. Furthermore, this type of system that combine renewable and conventional offers enhanced reliability, reduced emissions of greenhouse gases, and decreased running costs. It also demonstrates the most favourable Net Present Cost and Cost of Energy when compared to the other alternatives that were considered.


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