A Review on Cyber Security Issues in IOT-Based Cloud Computing


  • Awatef Salem Balobaid Assistant Professor, Department Of Computer Science, College Of Computer Science & Information Technology, Jazan Univeristy, Jazan-45142, SaudiArabia
  • Sameena Shaik Lecturer, Department Of Computer Science, College Of Computer Science & Information Technology, Jazan Univeristy, Jazan-45142, SaudiArabia
  • Sangeetha Komandur Lecturer Department Of Computer Science, College Of Computer Science & Information Technology, Jazan Univeristy, Jazan-45142, SaudiArabia


Cloud computing, IoT, security, cybersecurity, authentication


With the flexible architecture that cloud computing provides, data along with resources may be distributed across numerous diverse places as well as accessed by different industries. As well, the internet of things (IoT) has pointedly upgraded since cloud computing was combined. Cloud computing is becoming a viable technological and financial option for supporting both real-time along with non-real-time data in an IoT environment. However, the cloud rapid shift brought up a several security issues. Old security actions don't instantly spread over to cloud-rooted systems along with can be inadequate. The online monitoring of security attacks is addressed in this work, and several machines learning along with deep learning algorithms. Additionally, a few cryptographic-related authentication methods are explored. This paper identifies key research needs in the IoT-based cloud architecture after presenting the technological obstacles noted in the earlier studies. This paper presents future research prospects to avoid and mitigate cybersecurity risks in cloud computing based on the review completed.


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