Virtual and Augmented Reality: EBE


  • Vadapalli Lakshmi Research Scholar, Department of English, Koneru Lakshmaiah Education Foundation, Vaddeswaram, AP, India and Lecturer, Bhavans Vivekananda College of Science, Humanities and Commerce, Sainikpuri, Secunderabad – 500094
  • Mutyala Suresh Asso. Professor, Department of English, Koneru Lakshmaiah Education Foundation, Vaddeswaram, AP, India - 522302
  • Gadiraju Narendra Varma B.Tech IV year, Department of ECE, Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology, Ghatkesar, Hyderabad, Telangana – 501 301


Virtual Reality, Business English. Language learning, techniques, Vocabulary Enhancement


English has emerged as a prominent global lingua franca for business endeavors, inciting the development of technological innovations aimed at augmenting language acquisition within this realm. Both the scholarly and corporate communities have wholeheartedly embraced the assimilation of technology into the art of business communication. The prevailing epoch, characterized by the "new normal," presents a plethora of opportunities for non-native English speakers to attain proficiency in the language, particularly through immersive platforms such as Virtual Reality (VR). To uphold a competitive edge in the corporate milieu, ambitious individuals must diligently endeavor to refine their linguistic fluency and aptitude. In this milieu, learners can derive immense advantages from directing their focus towards acquiring business-specific English acumen. This research endeavor delves into the manner in which VR empowers learners to engage in business-centric scenarios, leveraging a pragmatic approach to maximize their vocational potential. A survey, employing a mixed-methodological framework, corroborates the efficacy of VR tools in ameliorating English communication proficiencies. The study elucidates how VR applications can cultivate learners' zeal and fervor while introducing an array of tools designed to augment Business English prowess.


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