2D Wavelet Transform on Extraction of Heartbeat Signal with Ultra-Wideband Impulse Radar


  • Khoa Nguyen Dang Faculty of Applied Sciences, International School, Vietnam National University, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Tran Thi Van Faculty of General Education, University of Labour and Social Affairs, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Pham Hai Yen Faculty of Applied Sciences, International School, Vietnam National University, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Bui Thanh Tung Faculty of Applied Sciences, International School, Vietnam National University, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Van Su Luong Faculty of EEE, Phenikaa University, Hanoi 12116, Vietnam
  • Minhhuy Le Faculty of EEE, Phenikaa University, Hanoi 12116, Vietnam


2D wavelet transform, Heartbeat signal, Remote sensing, UWB radar


Remote measurement of heartbeat signal is an essential task for health monitoring in smart hospital, smart home or smart car. Ultra-wideband impulse (UWB) radar is a potential device for accurate measurement of the heartbeat signal via remote distance. UWB radar allows measuring the heartbeat signal based on the tiny motion of the human thorax. However, the signal from the UWB radar includes not only the heartbeat signal but also interferences from noise and strong signal of the respiration. In this paper, we propose a method to improve of the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of the heartbeat signal based on two-dimension continuous wavelet transform (2DCWT). We performed experiments at different orientations and distances, and the results show that the 2DCWT method could efficiently extract the heartbeat signal with a root-mean-square error (RMSE) of 1.071 beats/min compared to a commercial photoplethysmography contact sensor. The proposed method could improve the SNR by about 17 dB on average compared to the 1D wavelet transforms filter method


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