Revolutionizing Fashion: Fashion Era’s Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Outfit Recommendations


  • Vipul V. Bag Professor, N K Orchid College of Engineering and Technolgy, Solapur MH India
  • Mithun B. Patil N K Orchid College of Engineering and Technolgy, Solapur MH India
  • Vitteshkumar D. Gaikwad N K Orchid College of Engineering and Technolgy, Solapur MH India
  • Ramanand Mohare N K Orchid College of Engineering and Technolgy, Solapur MH India
  • Sandeep P. Abhang Professor, CSMSS, Ch. Shahu College of Engineering, Aurangabad
  • Sonali Antad Asst. Professor, Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune


Outfit Recommendation System, Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), IBM Assistant, Deep Learning


This article introduces a novel outfit recommendation system that leverages the user's physical appearance to provide tailored outfit suggestions. Employing a Deep Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) algorithm, the system accurately identifies the user's skin tone from input images, complemented by user-provided information like gender, age group, and size to curate personalized fashion choices aligned with the individual's body shape. The system's robustness is demonstrated through a 92% accuracy rate following model training, indicating its reliability in providing tailored suggestions. To facilitate user engagement, the system seamlessly integrates with IBM Assistant and NGROK application for efficient collection of user preferences and feedback. Looking forward, the system's roadmap includes an expansion to encompass all six types of skin tone identification based on the Fitzpatrick system. Moreover, plans involve integrating augmented reality for immersive try-on experiences, enhancing the user's interaction with suggested outfits. Additionally, the incorporation of audio chatbots aims to further optimize user convenience and engagement within the system, promising an enriched and personalized outfit recommendation experience.


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