Developing a Vehicle Monitoring and Tracking System using the Internet of Things (IoT)


  • Zina Balani, Naska Ismael Mustafa


bus tracking, Google Maps, Live Location, IoT, Smart environment, monitoring


Public transportation plays a vital role in daily life, serving as a key mode of transportation for individuals traveling between their homes, workplaces, and educational institutions. However, the inconvenience of extended waiting times for transportation often leads to time wastage. Many students frequently experience prolonged waiting periods at bus stops, eager to know the real-time location of buses and their estimated arrival times. To address these challenges, this research introduces the creation of an online system designed to visualize the routes taken by each bus during its journey. Integrated with Google Maps, this system enables students to easily access bus routes and schedules. The platform provides comprehensive details, including up-to-date information on the live location of buses displayed on the map interface. Additionally, the system furnishes supplementary information about bus drivers, encompassing their names, contact numbers, bus identifications, and the start and end times of their shifts. Users have the flexibility to access this data from any location, whether it's from their residence, workplace, or educational institution, using the web-based application and an internet connection. Moreover, a QR code scanning feature is available at bus stops, facilitating swift access to the desired information. By implementing this system, users, especially students, benefit from improved visibility into bus routes and schedules, enabling effective planning and minimizing wait times. The online platform delivers convenience and easy access, empowering users to make well-informed decisions regarding their journeys. The integration of real-time bus tracking, driver details, and QR code scanning significantly enhances the overall user experience, presenting a comprehensive solution for public transportation users.


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