Cyber Security Framework for Manufacturing Industry with Robotic Process Automation integration


  • Murugappan K., T. Sree Kala


Cyber Security Framework, Operational Technology Security, Manufacturing Industry IT Security, Robotic Process Automation


Cyber Security is becoming one of the business enablers in the current Industry. It is a necessity rather than added item as there were various security breaches that occurred in the past that brought many businesses to their knees. Especially it is a challenge in the Manufacturing industry because of the lack of security consideration in Operational Technology (OT) equipment and its surrounding processes. OT is a hardware and software-integrated platform that shall be used to monitor and control the physical device’s operation. A major portion of it is mechanical, and those that use digital controls have closed, proprietary protocols. However now the trend is moving towards smart technology, and convergence of Information Technology and OT is unavoidable. This paves the way for typical cyber-attacks in OT. It shall lead to critical infrastructure damages or malfunctioning, and those results in key services failure, and put human life at risk. Hence in this paper, we explored cyber security requirements in the manufacturing industry, robotic process automation integration and recommend a proposal to build an end-to-end Cyber Security framework.


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