"Implementing AI-Driven Personalized Medicine in Clinical Practice: Challenges and Practical Solutions"


  • Sweety Bakyarani E, Virender Kumar Dahiya, Yogita Bhise, Subramanian Selvakumar


AI-driven personalized medicine, clinical practice, algorithms, patient outcomes, healthcare transformation


This investigation explores the usage of AI-driven personalized pharmaceuticals in clinical hone, tending to challenges and proposing arrangements. Leveraging calculations counting Bolster Vector Machines, Random Forest, Neural Networks, and Bayesian Systems, it assesses their viability in optimizing treatment methodologies and improving quiet results. Experimentation on a differing dataset uncovers Neural Networks as the foremost compelling, accomplishing 90% precision, 88% affectability, and 92% specificity. Comparison with existing writing highlights the transformative potential of AI over healthcare spaces, emphasizing morals, security, infection administration, and restorative instruction. The consideration underscores the significance of tending to moral, administrative, and socio-cultural variables for belief and acknowledgement of AI in medication. Future investigate ought to approve these come about on bigger datasets and address real-world usage challenges. By grasping AI as a complementary apparatus in clinical workflows, healthcare suppliers can upgrade care conveyance, eventually progressing personalized medication and making strides health results.


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