Robotics and Cobotics: A Comprehensive Review of Technological Advancements, Applications, and Collaborative Robotics in Industry


  • Abhijit Chandratreya, Suresh Dodda, Nitin Joshi, Deepak Dasaratha Rao, Neha Ramteke


Collaborative robotics, technological advancements, industrial applications, human-robot collaboration, manufacturing, assembly, productivity


Collaborative robotics, or cobots, are transforming human-robot interaction in industrial environments. This paper provides a comprehensive review of the technological advancements, applications, and collaborative aspects of robotics across various industry verticals. Advanced hardware and software innovations are enabling robots to work safely alongside humans, enhancing productivity and quality while also taking over undesirable or dangerous tasks. Cobots are being rapidly deployed for assembly, pick and place, inspection, machine tending and other precision handling operations. Implementation challenges exist, but continued improvements in sensing and intelligence capabilities are increasing robot flexibility and ease of integration in human-centric work cells. With appropriate configuration, deployment strategies and worker training, collaborative robots can improve manufacturing and production performance. This paper examines the rise of collaborative industrial robots and analyzes the outlook for this technology over the next five years.


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