Integration of Ethereum Blockchain with Cloud Computing for Secure Healthcare Data Management System


  • Ginavanee A., S. Prasanna


Ethereum Blockchain Technology, Cloud Computing, Inter Planetary File System, Data Privacy, Homomorphic encryption, Decentralized identifiers


Effective management of health data is critical in this age of digital change. In order to solve the issues with safe healthcare data systems, this paper suggests a brand-new Hybrid Healthcare Data Management System (HDMS) that seamlessly combines blockchain and cloud computing technology. The solution guarantees the safe storage and effective administration of health data by utilizing the scalability and flexibility of cloud computing. The Ethereum blockchain, which offers immutability through smart contracts for data integrity assurance, is used to improve security. Important components of the suggested approach include Blockchain Anchoring, which uses distinct hash references on Ethereum to ensure data integrity, Google Cloud Integration for scalable storage and immediate data access, and compliance with Health Level 7 (HL7) formatting criteria for medical data storage. Robust privacy safeguards include cutting-edge methods like decentralized identifiers (DIDs) and homomorphic encryption, which guarantee secure computations on encrypted data and trustworthy identification for allowed access. IPFS file storage is used by the system to improve security by providing redundancy and resilience. By utilizing blockchain's immutability and cloud storage's distributed architecture, HDMS demonstrates resilience against disturbances. Results of the proposed method is implemented in Python Software. The Homomorphic approach that has been suggested continuously beats Optimized Blowfish Algorithm (OBA) in terms of encryption and decryption times. The improvement in encryption is between 3000ms (10 kb) and 1350ms (40 kb). The enhancement demonstrates improved efficiency across data sizes, ranging from 4000ms (10 kb) to 3350ms (40 kb) in decryption. The goal of HDMS is to create a future in which patient outcomes are enhanced by the appropriate handling, storage, analysis, and use of medical data.


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