Internet of Things Security and Privacy: A Systematic Investigation


  • S. Shiva Prakash, M. P.Vani


IoT Security, IoT Protocols, Neural Networks, IOT Energy Management.


The Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm shift is one of the most remarkable phenomena of recent times.Many security issues are triggered when disparate IoT devices are combined with the traditional Internet. This is because conventional internet connection methods were never intended to accommodate IoT. As a result, there are now countless ways in which IoT-enabled equipment could be compromised.  This assessment of the literature centred on the primary concerns regarding the safety of IoT. The adaption of machine learning techniques in IoT, as well as its layered architecture, protocols for communication, and energy-efficient data routing strategies, were all subjects of our research. In addition to discussing the current attacks, hazards, and state-of-the-art remedies, we lay out a road map for meeting the security needs of the Internet of Things. We also compile a table of IoT security issues and a map of published remedies.  We conclude that an attacker can compromise an IoT device, infrastructure, or network based on the results of this study. As a result of the information gathered in this poll, researchers are more motivated than ever to create a foolproof intrusion detection system for the Internet of Things (IoT).


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