Improving Medical Imaging Diagnostics by Utilizing Compression Techniques and Implementing FPGA Acceleration with Vivado HLS


  • Karthikeyan R., Hariharan Illango, Rajakumar P., Sumathi Sokkanarayanan, Chithrakkannan. R.


Vivado HLS, Vivado HLX, Data contrast compression, Image compression.


this paper aims to provide efficient medical image compression/decompression using vivado HLS (High level synthesis). Data contrast compression method has been proposed to perform image compression using vivado HLS, HLX design blocks for implementation using Arty z7 kit. Data contrast compression method provides efficient image compression by performing ‘C/C++’ code in vivado HLS environment and effective design blocks are designed using VHDL code in vivado HLX environment. Performances of above two environments are implemented in Arty z7 20 kit. Results for Software simulation, Hardware simulation, design blocks, synthesis, implementation, bit generation, elaborated design or schematic view are generated accordingly. Hardware implementation result can be viewed in Arty z7 kit. Performance parameters like compression ratio, latency are concentrated and tabulated accordingly. Medical Image compression applications are widely used in the field of telehealth for storage and communication purpose.


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