Robustness Analysis for hyGWO-PS Optimized FOPID-Controllers in AGC of Interconnected Hydro-Thermal Power System


  • Shailaja Yogesh Kanawade, Vikas Soni


GWO, PS, hyGWO-PS, FOPID Controllers, TAIHTPS, Sensitivity Analysis, Parametric Variation.


It has already been found in the literature that the hybrid grey wolf optimization- pattern search (hyGWO-PS)  tuned fractional order PID (FOPID)-controllers in three area interconnected hydro thermal power system (TAIHTPS) with nonlinearities, multiple tie lines and reheat turbines has produced the far better performance than some recent published approaches. In that study, the settling times and overshoots of frequency & tie line power deviations and ITAE values were obtained by proposed approach called hyGWO-PS/FOPID under the nominal condition and are evaluated as: Settling time of ∆f1 = 8.50s; Settling time of ∆f2= 8.50s; Settling time of ∆f3= 8.10s; Settling time of ∆PTie12 = 19.31s; Settling time of ∆PTie23= 15.23s; Settling time of ∆PTie31=13.01s; ITAE=1.1243.  In this regard, it has become necessary to study the variation in the performance of TAIHTPS consisting of hyGWO-PS optimized FOPID-controllers with parametric variations, i.e. with varying load conditions and system parameters (TG, TT, TR, TWand T12). In the present work, the robustness analysis or the sensitivity analysis of hyGWO-PS optimized FOPID-controllers under parametric variations for AGC of same interconnected power system has been carried out. The robustness analysis shows that the behaviour or the system dynamic responses of TAIHTPS consisting of hyGWO-PS optimized FOPID-controllers  hardly alters under the variations in operating load conditions and system parameters over the range [-50%, +50%], i.e. hyGWO-PS optimized FOPID  is far better robust for the same.


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