Enhancing Performance and Scalability of a Hybrid Circuit-Based Dcn Architecture Through Switching Scheduling and Traffic Prediction


  • T.V.V. Pavan Kumar, B. Asha Latha, Abhilasha Pawar, Ashok Reddy Thontla, J.A. Bhaskar, Nellore Manoj Kumar


Data center networks, Datacenter traffic modeling, Hybrid OCS/OPS, Packet Switching,Hybrid OPS/OCS modeling


Switches at the data centre need to provide guaranteed scalability, throughput, and resiliency for the large-scale network. In high-capacity Datacenter Network (DCNs) incorporates multistage packet switches for routers. However, conventional switching architecture exhibits limited variation in the space for the switching architecture. The existing available switches are complex and not cost-effective. With profound data center (DC) demand for traffic and optical switching are computed. This paper presented a high scalable packet switching for a DCN environment with the exploitation of Network-on-chip (NoC) with the paradigm of single-hop crossbars with multi-hop switching.A router-based packet switching network connecting SoC components makes up the network on chip. NoC technology offers significant advantages over traditional bus and crossbar communication designs by applying the theory and practises of computer networking to on-chip communication.  The developed switches use three-stage switches for OQ-UDN(Output -Queued Unidirectional)NoCswitha central stage network. Developed model uses a hybrid optical network for the DCN (Data Center Network) with integrated OCS (Optical Circuit Switching) and OPS (Optical Packet switching) scheme. The integrated switching uses ToR (Top-of-the-Rack) switches for flexible function over various traffic patterns in DCN. Simulation results expressed that the under different DC traffic loads OPS/OCS DCN exhibits improved network performance.


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