Human-AI Collaboration: Bridging the Gap for Enhanced Problem Solving


  • Bhanu Pratap Singh, Neha Pradyumna Bora, Sukhwinder Kaur Bhatia, Gunjan Chhabra, Naveen Gupta, Dhanraj M. Babu


Human-AI, artificial intelligence, collaborative approaches, synergistic partnership, AI technologies.


The research article titled "Human-AI Collaboration: Bridging the Gap for Enhanced Problem Solving" delves into the integration of human intelligence and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance collaborative problem-solving capabilities. Considering the advancing AI landscape, understanding the dynamics and implications of Human-AI collaboration is of paramount importance. This study explores various models and approaches, emphasizing the need for a synergistic partnership that capitalizes on the strengths of both human and AI agents. In a society increasingly dependent on AI for intricate problem-solving, the research aims to provide valuable insights into fostering effective collaboration and optimizing the combined capabilities of human and AI entities across diverse domains. The findings of this study contribute to the ongoing discourse on the role of collaborative approaches in unlocking the full potential of AI technologies.


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