Implementation of Reconfigurable Modified Advanced Encryption Algorithm with Area Optimization


  • Priyank Patel, Nitin Bathani, Ketu Patel, Nirav Patel, Sameer Mansuri, Bhavik Brahmbhatt


Advanced Encryption System, Galois field, Mix column, key expansion, Area Optimization, IOT application


With the rise of computer technology and the Internet in the era of IoT and Industry 4.0, ensuring information security has become paramount. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) has emerged as a leading cryptography standard, garnering significant attention from hardware designers. IOT end devices requires low power and fast processing hence modification in AES is needed. This paper presents a novel implementation of AES, focusing on minimizing hardware area. Utilizing Vivado 2015.4, we conduct simulations and compare results, exploring coding methodologies. Our design demonstrates superior resource efficiency compared to others, addressing the critical need for secure communication in modern interconnected systems. The papers also showcases the various methods that can further increase the effectiveness and minimizes the area utilization.


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