Innovative Approaches to Soil Health Assessment: Designing IoT-Based Verification Systems


  • Ritu Raj Sondhiya, Vikash Kumar Singh


Internet of Things, Soil Health Assessment, IOT


The purpose of this research is to investigate novel approaches to evaluating the state of soil health by putting forth the concept of Internet of Things-based verification systems. The evaluation of soil health is essential for the practice of sustainable agriculture; yet, conventional approaches have difficulties in terms of scalability and monitoring in real time. The Internet of Things (IoT) technology is combined with a number of sensors in our method, which allows for continuous monitoring of important soil characteristics like as pH, nutrients, moisture, and temperature. The information collected by these sensors is sent to a centralized platform for analysis, which makes use of sophisticated algorithms and machine learning. When compared to more conventional approaches, this technology provides a number of benefits, including decreased costs associated with labor, increased accuracy, and greater sustainability. Therefore, it contributes to the optimization of agricultural production while simultaneously limiting the effect on the environment. This is accomplished by allowing proactive soil management measures, such as targeted irrigation and fertilizer application. Through the use of verification systems that are based on the Internet of Things, there is the potential to revolutionize the evaluation of soil health and to promote long-term agricultural production and sustainability.


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