Strategic Decision Making: An Empirical Study of Key Factors


  • Selvam R., G. Madhumita


Effective strategic decision-making, External environment, Internal resources, and environment, information availability and decision-making skill, risk assessment.


Effective strategic decision-making is crucial for organizations to navigate complex and dynamic business environments. Strategic decision-making is a critical process that shapes the success and competitiveness of organizations. Understanding the determinants that influence strategic decision-making is essential for effective decision-making outcomes. This research paper comprehensively reviews the critical determinants (External environment, Internal resources, and environment, information availability and decision-making skills, and risk assessment) that impact strategic decision-making. It synthesizes existing literature and empirical studies to identify and analyze the factors influencing strategic decision-making processes. The research has done on 200 respondents of IT sector employees in the Chennai region. The findings of this research offer insights into the complex dynamics of strategic decision-making and provide a foundation for future research and practical applications in strategic management.


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