A Novel Approach to Classification of Soil Type for Crop Agronomy Using Decision Tree with Multiplayer Neural Network


  • A. Zakiuddin Ahmed, T. Abdul Razak


Multilayer neural networks (MLNN), Soil Classification, Crop suggestion, decision tree, irrigation systems.


The present research work focuses on developing a novel framework for the building of a decision tree model that employ multilayer neural network(MLNN) to classify the  soil of a given geographical area.  The biggest challenge that farmers in India face is selecting suitable crops to planting as they’re unaware of the soil types of their region and its properties. This research work proposes a navel approach using decision tree to classify the soil type, utilizing a multilayer neural network. Once the soil types are identified, the proposed model helps to select the most suitable crops to cultivate. The proposed model also proposes to apply the most suitable fertilizers to the identified crops to provide essential nutrients, promoting plant growth and increasing crop yield, and also suggest appropriate irrigation system (drip, sprinkler, wells, tube wells etc) for the selected crops of that specific region. To get started with the soil type classification procedure, the necessary dataset is downloaded.  The present research uses a proposed algorithm MLNN for classifying the different types of soil for crop agronomy. The superiority of Multilayer Neural Network in accuracy over the existing algorithms, namely SVM, KNN, Decision Tree (DT), Bayesian Models, Ensemble learning algorithms etc highlights the effectiveness of proposed model in capturing pattern within the data. Finally our proposed model helps in providing more reliable guidance to the agronomists to maximize the production.


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