Descriptive Analytics Approach to Determine Popularity of Games Played on Android Platform


  • Saifuddin Mohtaram, Kalsum U. H., Hakimi M., Mariani Mohd. Dahlan, Shima Sabri, Airuddin Ahmad


Game, Most Installed Games, Highest Rating Games, Action Game, Android Game


The method utilized in this study involves descriptive analytics, specifically employing data collected from Kaggle, a platform known for hosting benchmark data on various topics, including games. The study initially gathers data from Kaggle, followed by a rigorous data cleaning process to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the results obtained. Subsequently, the cleaned data is categorized and visualized to identify the most installed games and those with the highest rating of FIVE (5) stars. Furthermore, the study delves into previous approaches used to determine popular games, drawing from methodologies akin to those utilized in assessing game popularity. These approaches typically involve analyzing data on game usage, user engagement metrics, and feedback from users. Platforms like Kaggle provide valuable datasets for researchers to analyze and draw insights from regarding game popularity trends. By evaluating factors such as installation rates and user ratings, the study identifies and evaluates the most popular games among others listed in the dataset.


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