Cross Polarization Minimized Fractal Antenna for HiperLAN Application


  • Sanish V. S., Stephen Rodrigues, Vishnupriya T. R., Sajitha A. S., Gopikrishna M.


Miniaturization, Cantor Square, Sierpinski Carpet, HiperLAN, Cross Polarization.


Two Fractal based antennas are proposed here for HiperLAN applications. Cantor Square fractal antenna has a size of 30mm×20mm×1.6mm and Sierpinski Carpet antenna has a size of 30mm×25mm×1.6mm. To reduce Cross polarization stubs have been introduced in the feed line and thereby achieving polarization purity for the above said antennas. Both antennas can resonate at a 5GHz band with good return loss and low cross-polarization. Cantor fractal and Sierpinski Carpet at its 2nd iteration gives up to -60dB cross polarization with a return loss at  -35dB making these designs good for  LAN applications


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