Peer Chain TradeNet: Bridging Buyers and Sellers through Blockchain


  • G. Divya, P. Supraja


P2P, Smart Contract, Smart Meter gateway, Blockchain, Total Energy Coin.


In residential microgrids, solar power generation in rooftop is becoming more common. A new concept of electricity markets, such as peer-to-peer p2p auctions where consumers and prosumers could exchange locally generated power directly with each other without the aid of an intermediary third party for sustainable development, is also emerging. The security of data is a major issue for energy trading; therefore, the use of blockchain technology in power markets has become more widespread. It could facilitate the trading of power from P2P sources. This framework provides, diverse trading timeframes and metering intervals, simulations that run significantly faster than real-time, flexibility in adjusting the number of participants, managing multiple microgrids under a single smart contract, uses clearing mechanism, the capability to record and track data exchange on blockchain, and the ability to modify price ranges as needed.


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