Broadband MIMO Configuration Using a Novel Split Ring Metasurface as Superstrate for Gain Enhancement Operating in Millimeter Wave Regime


  • Vijay Kumar Sahu, Rajyalakshmi Valluri, P. V. Sridevi


Compact, Coplanar Waveguide Fed (CPW), high gain, MIMO, Mutual Coupling.


This paper outlines the design and analysis of a compact antenna and its multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) arrangement for use in applications at millimetre wave (mmW). The antenna was constructed with the Rogers substrate RT Durioid 5880, which possesses a total dimension of 44 × 44 mm2 with a height of 1.575 mm. The Coplanar Waveguide Fed (CPW) antenna was originally intended to function within a 30 GHz – 50 GHz frequency spectrum. Subsequently, the MIMO configuration of the same antenna is designed and developed over which a metamaterial superstrate was positioned in the design. The proposed MIMO configuration offers a good impedance match over a wide frequency range, considerable gain, minimal coupling among the antennas, and a low ECC, in addition to attaining a high diversity gain. To further highlight the importance of the suggested work, a comparison with related studies has been established.


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