Analyzing Off Shore Wind Turbine Monopiles Dynamically


  • Tarek N. Salem, Mohamed M. Hussein


: Offshore, Wind Turbines, Earthquake, Seismic Response, Plaxis 3D.


Earthquake impacts affect offshore wind farms in seismically active places. Seismic analysis of a monopile offshore wind turbine in various configurations is done in this paper. A finite element model for a monopile of offshore wind turbine is conducted using the Plaxis-3D software. More research investigations are needed to have a better knowledge of this issue due to the rapid spread of wind energy and the increasing number of wind turbines built in seismic activity locations. The main research objective is exploring the effect of different monopile configurations on the seismic response of its foundations. The effects of turbines under static and seismic loads have been considered in this study. Time history analysis is carried out to study the behavior of monopiles under three different earthquake records including; Northridge 1994, Chi-Chi 1999, and Friuli 1976. It is noticed that the maximum displacement took place at the pile top. Results show that a standard monopile with diameter of 4.00 m has almost the same behavior as a winged monopile of a diameter of 2.80 m with additional wings having lower material cost.


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