Dynamic Feed Rate Optimization for NURBS Interpolation of Alpha Profiles: Simulation Algorithm and Methodology


  • Tran Minh Duc, Dao Thuy Anh


Feedrate Optimization, NURBS Interpolation, Alpha Profiles, Machining Efficiency, Dimensional Accuracy


This paper presents a comprehensive simulation study on optimizing feedrate in Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline (NURBS) interpolation of alpha profiles, which are commonly encountered shapes in manufacturing processes such as engraving and milling. The study investigates the dynamic adjustment of feedrate during NURBS interpolation to ensure efficient machining while maintaining accuracy and safety. The methodology involves defining NURBS parameters for the alpha profile, analyzing curvature to identify regions with high curvature that may require feedrate adjustment, specifying simulation parameters including update formulas and acceleration limits, and developing a preprocessing algorithm to identify "important" points along the profile. Simulation results reveal the effectiveness of feedrate optimization strategies in dynamically adjusting feedrate to accommodate regions with high curvature while enforcing acceleration limits to prevent abrupt changes in tool velocity. Interpolation error is monitored and kept below predefined limits to ensure dimensional accuracy throughout the machining process. Overall, the study highlights the importance of feedrate optimization in NURBS interpolation of alpha profiles and provides insights into achieving efficient machining while maintaining quality and safety. Future research avenues may explore advanced optimization algorithms and real-time control strategies to further enhance machining performance in CAD/CAM systems.


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