Reducing Feed Line Width for Optimal Electrical Parameters of a 1x4 Rectangular Microstrip Array


  • Ozgur Dundar
  • Sinan Gültekin Konya Technical University
  • Dilek Koçer Konya Technical University



antenna array, HFSS, Ku Band, ANN, feed line optimization


Today, mobile devices are required to be portable in size and have long-lasting power supplies. For this reason, it is desirable that the components used in the devices have low power consumption, in particular the size of the antennas and that they meet the need for high band.  In order to meet these needs, especially the intense increase in array antenna studies has been observed frequently in recent years.  In this study, an array of 1x4 microstrip antenna elements was designed and produced.  For this purpose, the study focused on the possible smallest width of the feed line considering the high antenna performance.  Electrical parameters such as return loss, gain, directivity and radiation efficiency of the antenna array designed for KU Band region at 16 GHz resonance frequency were obtained and its performance was evaluated.  In addition, the return loss, frequency and bandwidth of the antenna were calculated with Artificial Neural Networks (ANN).  The ANN structure, which is trained with Multilayer Perceptron (MLP) network structure, is a 4-input, 3-output structure.  Levenberg-Marquardt was used as the training algorithm in the calculation with ANN and tested for 8 measured values.


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O. Dundar, S. Gültekin, and D. Koçer, “Reducing Feed Line Width for Optimal Electrical Parameters of a 1x4 Rectangular Microstrip Array”, Int J Intell Syst Appl Eng, vol. 7, no. 4, pp. 232–237, Dec. 2019.



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