Energy-Efficient Clustering in WSN using Bacterial Foraging and Krill Herd Optimization


  • Aruna Reddy H. Vemana Institute of Technology (VTU), Bangalore, India
  • Shivamurthy G. VTU CPGSB Muddenahalli, Bangalore, India
  • Rajanna M. Vemana Institute of Technology (VTU),Bangalore,India


Bacterial ForagingBacterial Foraging, Clustering, WSN, Routing, Krill Herd Optimization


Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), a ground-breaking technology, potentially altered the use of a wide range of applications through the advent and usage of IoT. Even though there have been various proposals on energy-efficient clustering in WSN, an optimized approach concerning the restrictions and sustainability of IoT components is still demanded. The proposed research work combines the behavior of bacterial foraging and Krill herd optimization for the benefit of optimized cluster head selection. An optimized path through cluster heads is achieved using the Geiger Muller Counter Auto Extraction. This approach brings up the network lifetime, as proved by the simulation results.


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