Tackling the Challenges of Distributed Data Management in Cloud Computing - A Review of Approaches and Solutions


  • Ali Hikmat Ibrahem Information Technology Dept., Technical College of Informatics-Akre, Akre University of Applied Science, Duhok, Iraq.
  • Subhi R. M. Zeebaree Energy Eng. Dept., Technical College of Engineering, Duhok Polytechnic University, Duhok, Iraq,


Data Management, Storage, cloud computing, challenges, consistency


Cloud computing is a contemporary endeavour to provide computing resources, such as hardware or software, as a service across a network. Cloud computing is a current IT trend that involves shifting computation and data storage from desktop and portable PCs to enormous data centre's that can store massive amounts of information, measured in peta-bytes. Cloud Computing encompasses multiple facets, including availability, scalability, virtualization, interoperability, quality of service, and the delivery types of the cloud, which are private, public, and hybrid. Cloud databases are mostly utilized for data-intensive applications, such as data warehousing, data mining, and business intelligence. A cloud database is necessary to efficiently accelerate the process of reducing the burdens associated with routing configuration. This article conducts a thorough analysis of challenges in cloud computing data management, focusing on dimensions such as consistency, scalability, security, interoperability, migration, and latency. Scholarly investigations address distributed databases, consensus algorithms, encryption, access control, auditing, and the development of harmonious ecosystems for diverse cloud environments. Emphasis is placed on automated migration tools, best practices, and methodologies for smooth transitions, as well as innovative solutions for minimizing latency in real-time applications. The overarching goal is to advance data confidentiality, integrity, system security, and long-term advancements in cloud computing.


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