Employee Performance Data Management and Analysis of Ilocos Sur Polytechnic State College through Human Resource Information System Application


  • Ashley Kristina Barayuga Master in Information Student, University of the Cordilleras, College of Information Technology and Computer Science. Baguio City, Philippine
  • Thelma D. Palaoag Professor, University of the Cordilleras, College of Information Technology and Computer Science. Baguio City, Philippines
  • Anna Rhodora M. Quitaleg Faculty, University of the Cordilleras, College of Information Technology and Computer Science. Baguio City, Philippines
  • Vitruvius John D. Barayuga Associate Professor, Ilocos Sur Polytechnic State College, Computing Studies. Ilocos Sur, Philippines


Human resource information system, employee performance, institution, agile methodology, data management, data analysis


This research aims to explore the use of Human Resource Information System (HRIS) in managing and analyzing employee performance data at Ilocos Sur Polytechnic State College (ISPSC). The study utilized a descriptive and developmental research design and collected data through survey questionnaire and interviews with HR personnel and IT experts. Results showed that the college had implemented a Human Resource Information System to manage employee records and performance data, but there were challenges in its use and adoption by employees. The study also found that the Human Resource Information System had enabled the college to generate various reports and analyses on employee performance, which had helped in decision-making and planning. Recommendations were provided to improve the use and adoption of the HRIS, such as providing training and support to employees and enhancing the system’s functionality. Overall, the study highlighted the importance of HRIS in managing and analyzing employee performance data, which can contribute to college’s overall performance and success.


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