Automated IoT-Based Monitoring and Control for Hydroponic System


  • Vaira Muthu K., Krishnakumar A.


IoT, Hydroponic System, WSN, Fuzzy Inference Model, Energy-efficient.


Agriculture, the world of farming is an essential area where the people around are focusing to develop to enhance more yields in minimum cost and other requirements. The new emerging technique named hydroponics focuses in developing a greenhouse that involves developing crops using water-based nutrients without soil. This proposed implementation presents an intelligent design that comprised with low-cost and automatic monitoring control through the support of IoT (Internet of Things) for hydroponics greenhouse. This implementation includes some sensors to monitor and controls pumping of water, a quality of water, monitor the temperature and humidity of the crops. The master node controls the water flow and aggregates the data, which is received from the member nodes. Member nodes monitor the temperature and humidity and forwards the data to the master node for necessary actions. A Fuzzy inference model is proposed to determine the flow of water and nutrients. The proposed model outperforms than the existing model in low cost, better energy efficiency and throughput.


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