Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Effective Change Management and Technology Changes in Chennai's IT Sector: An Employee-Centric Approach


  • R. Yuvaraj, A. Kavitha


Artificial Intelligence (AI), Change Management practices, Employee Engagement, Organizational Transitions, Efficiency Improvement.


The purpose of this study is to investigate the possibility that artificial intelligence (AI) could strengthen the efficiency of change management techniques within the information technology (IT) industry in Chennai, with a particular emphasis on an employee-centric approach. The study investigates how artificial intelligence may promote more seamless transitions, boost employee adaptability, and improve overall happiness during organizational changes. This is accomplished through the incorporation of various tools and technology related to AI. In order to provide a thorough knowledge of the impact that artificial intelligence has on the efficiency of change management techniques and employee engagement, the research makes use of a mixed-methods approach, which includes carrying out surveys, conducting interviews, and conducting case studies from a variety of information technology organizations located in Chennai.


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